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4 Day Intensive Property Seminar

I want you to take action. I want you to get the results that

you deserve, and I will be there every step of the way for you!


If you are starting out in property with zero capital, we can teach you strategies that will enable you to build an income.

If you are starting out in property with 3-20k capital, we can show you the strategies that will enable you to move to the next level.

If you are starting out in property with 20-50k capital, we can show you the strategies that will enable you to succeed no matter what.

If you are starting out in property with over 50k, we can teach you strategies that will enable you to double your capital in as little as 12 months!

Are you ready to become wealthy?

We’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect training system so that you can learn how to become financially free from property in as little as 36 months.
No matter what your level is, we can teach you strategies to sky rocket your success!!

If you want to accelerate your success or take your property portfolio to the next level, you really need to be attending our next 4 Day Property Intensive Seminar.

During these four days you will learn:

Day 1
Building your Property Foundation

Setting your goals for the year
Find out which of the 6 Strategies of making money from property is for you:
#1 Source your way to financial success
#2 Flipping properties fast for super profits
#3 Build a 3k-10k per month cash positive portfolio
#4 Buy one property, get one FREE + adding 100k to the value
#5 Creating a 10k per month cash-flow and not owning any properties!
#6 How to protect yourself against interest rate rises and buying a house for a £1

  • What to buy
  • How to buy it
  • Areas for strategies
  • Where to buy for your chosen strategy
  • What areas will work for your chosen strategy’s
  • Buying Criteria
  • Costs of Buying and Selling

Day 2
How to get your deals

Learn the current marketing strategies
– Leaflets
– Newspapers
– Websites
How to spot the best demographics in your area for your chosen strategy/s

Dealing with vendors + Negotiation 101
How to do Due Diligence

Day 3

Tools for your toolbox

Dealing with Estate Agents Role-Play
Building a Record Map
Successfully stop repossessions and make a profit
No Money Down Financing
Finding JV Partners
Title Splitting – Buy one get one free!!
Make a profit of up to 500% (H.M.O’s)

Day 4

Advanced Strategies for those extra special deals

Long Stop Completions – what are they and what they are used for
Option Agreements
Lease Options Vs. Delayed Completions
Buying and Selling Deals Role-Play
Case Studies

Within 36 hours of attending our last event, Geoff Owen emailed me the below.

Geoff Owen

Our next 4 Day Property Intensive Course is going to be on the 5th – 8th December in Milton Keynes.

This intensive interactive property seminar is only £495 + vat for 4 whole days full of interaction and learning. We have spent a lot of money to create the perfect learning environment so that you can get the most of the days.

To get your eight FREE videos simply pop your primary email address in the box below. After confirming your email, your first video will arrive in your mail box.

One thing, you will need to add my email address to your address book. By doing, this you avoid any of the emails I send you ending up in your spam folder. One final thing; I hate spammers. So I will NEVER share your email with any third party.