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… And the Winner of our 1 year £3000 mentoring programme is…

Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets for our charity raffle, thanks to you all we have raised a large sum of money for Great Ormond Street.

We will announce the amount raised soon.


The winner of the first prize of the raffle goes to:

Michael Lowkin


Michael has won our main Prize:

A prize worth £3000 plus vat

A place on my 12 Month Mastermind Mentoring Programme which consists of the following:

1 x Property Acceleration Course and will learn  how to go from A to Property Millionaire, what you need and how to achieve your goals, what strategies work best and in what areas, the six different strategies to guarantee you financial freedom plus much more on the weekend! 26/27th January


1 x Property Profits Made Easy in the Recession Course where you will learn how to become the NUMBER 1 person the estate agent rings when they get a deal on their desk, how to do no money down financing, how to deal with repossessions and much much more!! 23/24th February
1 x Advanced Cashflow Strategies course which teaches you how 5 different strategies to move your portfolio to the next level and start to earn over 10k per month from each strategystrategies such as long stop completions, delayed completions, title-splitting and rent2rent. 23/24th March
10 x Monthly Mastermind Days

A years worth of weekly support and mentoring via webinar………….


A selection of DVD’s including how to set up a leaflet company to get free marketing for your property business, how to deal with estate agents and how to stop a repossession so you can buy the property prior to repossession.

For full details of how I will help Michael achieve his property dreams and goals,
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To find out what you can expect to achieve have a look at Sean’s 18 month after starting the £3000 mentoring programme update

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Thank you for all of your help and support! We hope that you have a fantastic New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2013!

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