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Where to buy UK investment property

Post on: 17 Sep, 2015

As the owner of 243 investment properties and with over 60 development projects running throughout the UK I am always getting asked the following question: “where are the best places to buy investment property?“ My answer is this; “it depends!” Here is a quick video explaining where to buy UK investment I also explain in a second video… […]

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Property multi-millionaire Glenn Armstrong launches HMO sourcing service for advanced investors

Post on: 30 Mar, 2015

A national network of graduates from the Glenn Armstrong Property Partnership initiative is now set to provide a sourcing and management service for advanced investors who don’t have the time to find suitable properties for their portfolios or want to invest in properties in parts of the country distant from their homes. The service sources […]

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What Is Rent to Rent?

Post on: 17 Mar, 2015

What is Rent to Rent? Rent to Rent is simple enough to explain as it is a very simple strategy. You simply rent a property yourself and then rent it out room by room to other tenants. Renting a property that you do not own and renting it out room by room. Landlords love it […]

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Danger Ahead For Pension Pot Investors……..

Post on: 09 Feb, 2015

A recent article I had published in Danger Ahead for Pension-Pot Property Investors Warns Property Multi-millionaire Glenn Armstrong With the April date for people being able to withdraw their pensions drawing close, self-made multi-millionaire property investor Glenn Armstrong is warning people thinking of withdrawing their pensions pots to invest in property that they risk […]

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Dodged a Bullet on this Deal!

Post on: 11 Jan, 2015

Glenn and I were due to buy this nice little three bed semi on the Partnership Programme from a motivated seller and as you can see it has Solar Panels……. All good so far! We had gone in with a low offer and I negotiated it down further after the offer was accepted on the […]

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Stairs For Breakfast

Post on: 25 Nov, 2014

I first met Glenn Armstrong in 2010 at networking events when I became interested in property investment. However it wasn’t until he invited me onto his courses when I started to get to know what he is like. Never will I forget 21st November 2011 – it was my birthday! Glenn was the speaker at […]

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Can 4 Days Change Your Life?

Post on: 24 Nov, 2014

I first saw Glenn speak at The Berkshire Property Meet in October 2013. I was struck by his novel approach to investment, his sense of humour and his obvious integrity. I signed up for his four day course immediately. I attended the course in April of this year and was absolutely blown away by the […]

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Project 1 – Money in the Bank!

Post on: 16 Nov, 2014

  We purchased this 1930s built semi-detached property in St Helens. It was for sale with an Estate Agent, but it wasn’t selling because it was in a very poor state of repair. Decoratively every room was a complete mess. The vendors were divorcing and wanted to move on with their lives and so just […]

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There’s No Growth in The Comfort Zone!

Post on: 13 Nov, 2014

When I first met Glenn 2 years ago on his Mentorship Programme, he asked me how hard I wanted to be pushed on a scale from 1 to 10. I said “10” without realizing what I had let myself in for. It was easy to become complacent and without Glenn’s mentoring I would have stayed […]

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Brimming With New Ideas

Post on: 10 Nov, 2014

I have known Glenn for many years – long before he became a property millionaire.     I  am  a successful BTL landlord and own about a dozen  properties.     I had been enjoying my BTL income for some years, and thought I knew it all.  However the credit crunch  changed our business.  So I decided to further my property education. […]

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