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Brainstorm your portfolio | Sold Out


Are you currently thinking about investing in property? Not sure where to start? Or how to start?

Are you aware of the different strategies currently out there to help you invest in property effectively?

Did you know there are so many ways of investing in property?

  • Conventional
  • HMO’s
  • Lease Options/Delayed Completions
  • Title-Splitting
  • Using other people’s cash
  • Flipping
  • Sourcing

The list really is endless, as there are lists within those lists!

I want to invite you to something that I have not yet run before – something different to anything else being currently offered!

On Monday 8th July (just two days before I go to Portugal for 6 weeks), I am holding a very intensive small session in my office for only 10 people. This session is designed to Brainstorm Your Portfolio and afterwards, you should have a clear cut idea of what you need to be doing in order to sky-rocket your success!

Where: My Office in Milton Keynes
When: 8th July between 2pm-6pm


How much?

This 4 hour session is only £25 inc vat!

Remember, this is for 10 places only! It will sell out, so make sure you act fast!!


If you already have a portfolio, this session is still for you! I will be able to show you how you can improve on your portfolio’s “cashability” as well as show you how you can invest in property using more effective methods!

Doesn’t matter where you currently are, there are strategies out there that really will help!

This session really is going to be a must-attend! Make sure to book your place before we run out… there are only 10 spaces and this is being seen by 25,000+ people!


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