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Glenn Armstrong Answers Critics On Complaint Accusations

You’re probably on this page because you’ve seen or searched Glenn Armstrong complaints on Google. Or maybe you want to make a complaint.

Do Glenn Armstrong’s property investment and property training businesses operate flawlessly and faultlessly year after year? Of course not. With the best will in the world, every business has some problems and gets some complaints.


Sadly, however, there are a small number of people who don’t understand Glenn Armstrong’s sophisticated investment techniques and like to spread mis-information about him and generally try to ruin his reputation.


Several of these people and indeed one of the property forums are currently being sued over the unwarranted reputation damage they’re doing to Glenn.


Of course, one of the great benefits of the Internet is that anyone can have a voice. An equally great dis-benefit is that spiteful people (often called Internet Trolls) can spread malicious untruths. Anonymously, with no constraints.

Some of the alleged complaints you may find referred to on the internet are.


Unhappy armchair investors.

A few years ago Glenn operated an arms-length, managed, property investment service for sophisticated investors with lots of money to invest but no time to do so. It was called the ‘Armchair Investor’ service.


The process relied on a set of mortgage products that were withdrawn by the building societies and banks in around 2010. of course, once these products ceased to be available the ‘Armchair Investor’ process that these investors signed up for became more difficult and much slower to deliver.


Whilst no one was expecting these products to be withdrawn at that time, well-drafted contracts foresaw all manner of eventualities and stated what would happen.


All of the armchair investors except one have either had their contracts honoured to their satisfaction or (at their own choice) Glenn is continuing to provide the service using an alternative but slower strategy. Naturally full refunds were not part of the contract as payment for ‘work done to date’ was a contract stipulation in the case of unforeseen events like changes to lending rules.


Real complaints

Of course, putting these malicious and false complaints aside, there are occasional real complaints. Glenn and his team address any real complaints from sensible people swiftly – to achieve an outcome that is satisfactory for all parties. As any good business would.


Complain to us, not about us.

Many people will attest that if they have any sort of complaint with Glenn or any of his companies, it is dealt with swiftly and with a good outcome.

So please, if you have any complaint – do the decent thing and complain to us so we can fix it and not just mouth-off on the Internet where we can’t.

Don’t fall into the trap of becoming another Internet Troll.

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