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Thank You

Thank you for registering your interest in having our wealth building team source HMO’s for you.

I will arrange for Georgina, who is the head co-ordinator of our hmo sourcing business, to call you.

Georgina will call you as soon as possible however we have had a large number of replies so we apologise for any delay. She will call you to discuss your HMO buying criteria and establish your requirements in more detail.

When you decide to proceed and we have established your requirements, signed contracts and taken the £500 payment for the deposit / admin fee….

We will:

1) If required we will introduce you to either a broker or a bank manager known to us.

2) We can then either introduce you to our expert HMO finder in the area where you and Georgina have decided will best suit your requirements or we can start sending you details of suitable properties. These will be sent to you once you are registered with us and you have paid your deposit.

3) We will provide you with the process documents

I have a team of “trained sourcers” who are on my partnership programme between them they cover most of the UK. It will be someone who is on on my partnership programme who Georgina will introduced you to.

That person will then work with you to source a property for you normally through an estate agent they already have a working relationship with.

In order for us to introduce you to Estate agents and “sell you” to them we will need to provide them with proof of deposits. We will also sometimes need a mortgage “dip” in fact the more information you can arm us with the easier it will be to get you a good deal for you.

The total cost of our fees will depend upon monthly profit potential. The fee will be 10 x the monthly estimated maximum potential profit. The minimum fee is £3000

The fee will be calculated as follows:

Full rental potential – mortgage cost and estimated running costs except agents fees = potential monthly profit

If the potential monthly profit is £500 the fee will be £5000 ie 10 x potential monthly profit.

This will incentivise everyone to find the best possible deal for you.

The full fee to be paid on completion if you want us to retain us to source further properties.

The fee less the admin fee to be paid on completion if no further properties are required.

The minimum amount of rental rooms in a property that we source for you will be 5

We can if you wish project manage the refurb and hmo fit out requirement

We will charge a minimum fee of £1000 or 10% of refurb cost to project manage the refurb and hmo requirement fit out. All builders fees will need to be paid in accordance we pre arranged schedule of works and payments.

We can if you want also use us and our experience to locate and introduce you to a suitable letting agent.

We will use our best endeavor to find a good quality reliable agent.

Looking forward to working with you.

Glenn Armstrong

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