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How would you like me to buy you 5 cash flow positive properties?

Or you can ask me about buying you 1 cash flow positive property on my 1 property deal special

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I have developed a wonderful lead generation system over the last few years and my team get calls every day from estate agents and motivated sellers offering me property between 65% & 70% percent of market value in exchange for a quick sale. I also have set up a leaflet delivery company which allows me to deliver my ‘cash for property leaflets and make a profit. These properties at these prices are always cash flow positive.

How would you like me to buy you 5 properties with a value of approx £700k. These 5 properties will all be monthly cash flow positive and will have in total upwards of £150k of equity in them

I will also manage these properties for as long as you wish.

They will all be in and around Milton Keynes where I own and manage nearly 300 properties over 100 have already been purchased for armchair investors and where I know the prices and rental income potential inside out and backwards.

Milton Keynes was voted the 4th most recession proof area in the UK for property purchasing in a article in the Sunday Times

This is an exclusive opportunity I am offering. The opportunity is only available to 1 new investor per month. May July and September are available as we have June and august reserved.,

If you cannot get a mortgage ask about our lease option deals

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Please feel free to drop me an email requesting more information on

Regards Glenn

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