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Is this you?

I recently received a message from facebook and it said the following:


“I know there is money to be made in property but so far, I have yet to discover the method to becoming financially free.

As you know I have been on a fair few courses and acted on what I have learned but like your recent observer on FaceBook have become a little cynical about property investment courses. I have placed ads in all of Oxfordshire newspapers with little or no feedback. Leaflet drops had a similar response and I reverted my attentions to my job to my normal job to recover my losses.

I know I am doing something wrong.”


You don’t know what you don’t know


This was my response:
“Simple, the cash for property strategy does not work in more expensive areas.”


This kind of thing can save people hundreds and thousands of pounds, and a lot of time. If he had not messaged me, he may have spent more time and effort using the wrong strategy in his area.

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