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Private Clients

Glenn has a limited number of private clients, working with only four at any one time. This service is the most premier solution on offer and gives you far more personal access to Glenn’s diary. 

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You will find below some examples of the people currently engaging Glenn with this service:


I feel compelled to write this testimonial for Glenn Armstrong and his mentoring program. I first went on a one day, £500 training course with Glenn around five years ago. Since then I have been absolutely amazed at the number of transactions that I have been able to complete as a consequence of the knowledge and skills that I gleaned from that day. I estimate it to have resulted in above £200,000 in profit!

At the end of last year I reviewed my portfolio and progress towards my goals and realised that I wanted to be progressing towards them much faster than I currently was: I am a full time investor with a portfolio of over 40 properties; but I have a huge desire to house the homeless and having set up a franchise to do just that, was frustrated at the rate of growth of this project and the low numbers of disadvantaged people we were housing each night.

So I again turned to Glenn. I attended his four day course in London (a little sceptically if I’m honest as I’d expected it to be around £2,000 but it was only £400!) The value from this four days is absolutely huge, tens of thousands of pounds without a doubt (I’ve done two transactions in the month since as a direct result of my learning from those four days). I also decided to join Glenn’s mentorship program and if I’m honest this has, and I can see will continue, to transform my business. I have just finished a three-day trip with Glenn around the South of England visiting some current transactions of his. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that from every hour I spent listening, watching and being mentored by Glenn I learnt something new.

“Little” things, like how:

  • I can save £18,000 off my annual refurbishment bills by investing one hour of my time once
  • I can pay myself £30,000 extra tax free each year than I currently am
  • To negotiate a purchase and build deal using none of my own money that makes £1M profit
  • To improve the quality and number of my power team around me (solicitors, valuers, insurance brokers, builders, architects, mortgage brokers etc.)
  • To completely legally avoid section 106 and CIS payments when developing large numbers of units

To be honest I have tens of pages of pure gold learnings like these above that I am so grateful to have be shown and taught since re-turning to Glenn’s education program. There is no-one that I’m aware of who knows their stuff better in the UK. No -one who teaches others, but predominantly makes their money from DOING what they teach in property (this is very rare in my experience). And no-one (who I know at least) in this industry who genuinely wants to take your money and deliver ten times the value you’re expecting. This has certainly been my experience with Glenn and the reason that I can wholeheartedly recommend him. A massive thank you to Glenn and the Glenn Armstrong team.

Frank Flegg,
Co-founder of Stepping Stones, the not-for-profit project that is ending homelessness globally.

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