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Property Investors Beginner Course for Newbies

Last week we ran another of our beginners classes for newbies who are looking to start a career in property investing or to simply buy properties part time.

The key to all of this however is your actual mind set and what drivers you have in your own life. Many of you tell me that you want to set up your retirement because what you have will not support your lifestyle and you cannot afford to live off the state pension.

You also tell me that you want freedom in your life so you can spend time with loved ones and some just want to travel. There are also some of you who actually love your day job and property is something you always wanted to learn about because your friends all have investment properties.

No matter what your personal reasons for investing time in learning about property are, there is a strategy for each and every one of you. Buying property has changed a lot in the past 7-8 years with many buying the majority of their properties when money was being thrown around by the banks. Those that purchased well still have those properties whilst those that didn’t (the greedy ‘I will buy at any cost”) have had their properties re-possessed.

The single most important action you must take before buying any investment property is to educate yourself on how to. This will ensure you limit your risks and limit your chances of losing hard earned money – or that of your investor/JV.

Educating comes in many forms as listed below;

  1. Google until your heart is content
  2. Read forums and get expert advice from people who really know how to use Google
  3. Read books about property investing
  4. Read blogs
  5. Attend courses
  6. Attend seminars
  7. Attend property meetings
  8. Use a mentor
  9. Watch TV shows
  10. Etc. etc. etc.

I have done all of the above, mostly when I was searching for the answers and ‘how to’. You like me will find your best education in some of the books you read, on blogs, at seminars, classes and with a mentor.

What you will not know is what is actually the right way and a ‘step by step’ process for using one or multiple strategies – this is where you will need the guidance of a mentor who does this on a day to day basis. I learnt from one of the very best in the industry who still trades in property today, buying and selling and renting out both residential and commercial.

Glenn Armstrong has helped and guided me to a property portfolio in both the hard times and less easier times to the point that I actually prefer the tough times because there is much less competition out there trying to buy the same property as me. We have purchased HMO’s, residential, commercial and turned one into the other.

Glenn and I decided to start the beginner’s classes to help you set up your path in the direction to a career in property investing. We offer a full day for no charge at all and help you understand the basics and also give you a taste for the advanced techniques we use on a daily basis. We use actual deals and show you proof of the profits we have achieved in each deal.

We run these for one day out of each month – if you want to attend a day learning the right way start out please email me directly at to book your place. We normally run these on a Saturday from 10am until 5pm. You can read more here where you will also get some free reports.

I look forward to seeing you on the day

Ashley Banfield

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