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Property Mentoring


Property courses can be a great way of accelerating your knowledge & success. However, how often do you get home, full of good intentions only to lose your momentum after the first or second month – or if the truth be known even earlier?

To help you stay focussed, Glenn has created his mentorship Programme, providing ongoing training and support with weekly daytime webinars and monthly mastermind days.

Glenn’s mentorship Programme offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. The group helps you and the rest of its members achieve success.

At each session you will develop your personal business plan, set goals & objectives, monitor and discuss problems, obstacles and successes that all the individuals within the group face. Then review your previous months goals and achievements.

We carry out negotiation exercises, building and improving your knowledge and skill-set every month. As well as having guest speakers, who bring additional information and qualities to enhance your learning.

Glenn will go through deals that you’re currently working on and see if there is potential to increase the returns.

In addition to the monthly meetings, which are held in our Bletchley office 10am – 5.30pm, you will also have access to weekly 2 hour interactive daytime webinars, (11am – 1pm) where Glenn will go through any deals you have, or stumbling blocks you are currently facing or having trouble with. Don’t worry if you can’t always make the live webinars, we record them so you can listen again for anything you missed. If you have questions and you aren’t able to listen live, just email the team your questions and Glenn will answers these first to save you from having to listen to the full recording to hear your advice.

You can ask questions and gain knowledge from others who have already done what you are thinking about doing. All of our members are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

The investment of having Glenn work directly with you & hold you accountable for the year is just £6000 +vat.

David Howell, one of Glenn’s mentees recently had this to say about the programme:
“As a surveyor already working in the property field, I can highly recommend joining Glenn Armstrong’s Mastermind Programme, the days are always full of motivational and creative ideas and you will learn all the property investment strategies.”

A Taster Day can be arranged for just £150+vat… come and “Test Drive” the programme

Many people ask why Glenn’s mentorship and other programmes are so much better value than other property education providers.

The answer is always the same ? Glenn makes the majority of his money through his property deals, not from selling training courses!

Here is someone who not only talks the talk, but most definitely walks the walk.

If you want to learn what the market is doing NOW, (and it really doesn’t matter when you are reading this) then come and learn from someone who is developing the new strategies that others will be teaching in two or three years’ time!

Thanks for your help today Glenn. Forgot to mention earlier that this has been a record month for me: I’ve banked £40k profit, purchased a property NMD with £30k equity in it, signed my third R2R, and now signed the vendor financed flip that we spoke about which I expect to have £35k in it. Probably more exciting than any of that is the depth and quality of our pipeline after two months of filling it, there’s so much more to come :). Your mentoring is making such a difference to my life, my family’s and my team’s lives, thank you Glenn.


Frank Flegg

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