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Today's winners

Today is the final day of the raffle and thanks to you we have raised £1500 for Great Ormond Street hospital.


The following were the winners of Day 11 – A place on my two day intensive Advanced Cashflow strategies 2 day course where you will learn the advanced strategies that will allow you to build a 10k or more cash-flowing portfolio which will be the 23rd and 24th March.

Frank Mandix
David Hardwick

You will spend the weekend with myself in Milton Keynes, where you will learn how how you can advance your portfolio and make over 10k from your portfolio using several different advanced strategies.. Such as long stop completions, delayed completions, rent2rent, title splitting


Today is the final day of the raffle and I will be giving away a whole years’ worth of mentorship consisting of:

1 x Property Acceleration Course
1 x Property Profits Made Easy in the Recession Course
1 x Advanced Cashflow Strategies course
12 x Monthly Mastermind Days
A years worth of weekly support and mentoring via webinar
Plus several DVD’s and literature to advance your knowledge

Don’t forget, the more times you enter, the higher the chance of winning or multiple wins! All money is going to a good cause!

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