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Weekly Update

Monday 31st March
Started the day in the gym with 30 minute cardio session then an hour with my personal trainer.
I had a full day of appointments including a business plan with a client who has recently inherited a large property in London.
Time spent with my in house senior conveyancer going through any issues or updates needing attention from the 58 property development projects we are currently running.
Several hours were then spent with Melanie and our Marketing expert.
I then interviewed two very ambitious lads who want to Join Ian Lawson on my Private clients
Mentoring programme.

Tuesday 1st April.

After going to the gym and spending an hour with my Personal trainer I went into the office where I ran my weekly property advice webinar for people who have been on my property course and joined my years mentoring programme.
I then travelled up to Leeds. Wednesday morning I went to meet Lorraine who has recently completed my property course and is on The Partnership Programme. I viewed a potential property investment project with her in Sycamore Close a few min’s away from where she lives. Vendor had told her the whole property was available for £250,000 but did not make it clear that it was for the freehold of the main property and the freehold of the flat that had been split off. Unfortunately the leasehold of the flat was not included. It was available separately for just over £100,000
We had then arranged to go and see another property investment project around 45 minutes away in Hebden unfortunately the vendor had been called into work and was not available. Lorraine is now preparing a power point report for me.


Thursday I went and viewed a plot of 12 Acres with a view to taking an option agreement getting planning permission, to build as many properties as possible and then either selling it on with the planning or finding a JV partner and building it out. I have put in an offer and I am waiting for an answer.

After attending the gym I ran my Partnership Programme day. During the day I accepted two new potential property projects one of which is near Market Harborough. We went out and viewed a property I have owned for several years that is currently undergoing refurbishment. Most attendees that priced up the project were within a few thousand pounds of the actual price. This is a very good exercise that I do every week with the attendees of my property development training day at a different property. I also spotted that the property we visited has the potential of building another property on the side and look forward to talking this through with my planning expert.

Saturday saw the successful launch of Ashley’s 1 day beginner’s property course.
Priced at only £67.00 this day is amazing value. The reviews from the attendees were amazing.
Ashley has prepared a free report called “The Essential Tips for newbie Property Investors”

He has written this for newbies looking for real guidance in starting a property investment business

You can download it here



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