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On Saturday 12th April I ran my monthly mastermind day, this day is a chance for all of my students that are currently on my programme to come together an share any deals they have at the moment. In the afternoon we did a Negotiation Roleplay, every month I do a roleplay last month we did a roleplay on how to deal with estate agents.
After the mastermind day we all went out for a meal to one of my regular Indian restaurants where we just did a bit of networking. We then went back to my house where we had a few drinks and a catch up on how people are doing, we always come back to my house to just let our hair down after a long day. Later on in the evening myself and a couple of my students including Ian Lawson who is one of my Property Millionaire, we all went out in to Milton Keynes to a local bar called Missoula where we had a couple of drinks.

Glenn & Ian missula

I run my Mastermind Days once a month; these days are part of my Mentorship Programme. Within my programme I teach you different strategies that could help you expand or start your portfolio.
This programme has been designed to help property developers and novice property developers; I have designed all of my programmes to work around people’s needs. If you would like any more information on my Mentorship Programme please email

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